Pari Daiza comes from the old Persian word "Pairi-daeza" and means " enclosed garden" or "orchard protected by walls". It is the oldest word to suggest the idea of paradise. Pari-Daiza- a term that was meant to describe the garden of Eden or Paradise or Jannat on earth.

In a Persian Bagh the trees provided shade and the flowers and herbs spread the sweet scents in the summer months attracting birds, bees and butterflies creating the feeling of paradise. A garden's purpose is, to provide a place for relaxation in a variety of manners: spiritual or leisurely, joyous gatherings creating essentially a paradise on earth. The word Bagh when translated simply means a harmonious existence between humans and nature and represents a poetic connection between heaven and earth. All natural elements of the bagh are entwined - including the earth, sun, moon, and air. A mystical feeling for flowers and a love of gardens are integral parts of ancient Persian gardens. The Persian garden is a manifestation of supreme values and concepts and is well-known as a bridge connecting the two worlds of matter and meaning.

With the Pari Daiza collection, we bring to you blooming flowers in their glorious colours creating a harmonious union thus enriching experience of being close to the nature. These kaftans are further enhanced it with hand embroidery to highlight the essence of hand-crafted work.