Our "Ebediyat" collection is a salute to Turkey after a visit last Spring. Turkey, a country boasting a rich and diverse culture and history, is a crossroads between tradition, ancient and modern cultures. Our new collection is bridge between the history of the Ottoman Empire, elements of nature, and the modern-day more

Our first collection of 2023 transports you to the deserts of Rajasthan, where the winds blow kisses to the golden sands to the lonely sands, leaving ripples on the dunes as testimony of their affection. These natural patterns of undulating waves are recreated by artisans today, completely by hand, using a 140-year-old technique of tie-and-dye.

The textile craft of 'Leheriya' is unique to the state of Rajasthan in India. It's origins date back to the 17th century, when the Maharajas patronised the craft by wearing turbans fashioned from this flamboyant fabric. The creation of Leheriya is an extremely complex process, requiring up to nine tints to create the multiple shades on the fabric, and could take a whole month to complete.

Each dress in the Leher collection is constructed for the modern woman, with flattering silhouettes and bright hues. The traditional tie-and-dye technique has been employed, using natural colours on pure silk fabrics. Leher is a collection of handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces that will bring warmth and joy to your wardrobe.
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New Collection of Block-Printed Dresses
With fall on the horizon, we turn to our timeless Mughal florals but with a twist. We have added an autumnal touch to the botanical motifs. These prints, which feature palettes in moody jewel tones and earthy hues are a nod to traditional colours and textures of the fall harvest. Slightly understated to make the transition from summer to fall that much easier, the look is nostalgic, yet newread more

Chikankari is a centuries-old craft. It is an intricate and elegant art of embroidery, requiring immense patience and time but one that yields some of the most beautiful results.

The city of Nawabs, Lucknow, in India is not only renowned for its cuisine but also for its stunning, delicate, traditionally white-on-white embroidery known as Chikankari. This type of intricate shadow work is refined and elegant but also a time-consuming process practised mainly by the skilled artisans in Lucknow. It's an arduous process that is a compilation of designing, engraving, block printing, embroidery, washing and finishing. First, the fabric is cut according to requirement. Then it is block printed with design motifs on which the embroidery is done. The cloth is then washed several times and finally is ready to use.

It takes years to become a master in this style of embroidery and multiple days to complete even a single garment. chikan cannot be replicated by a machine. "There is nothing like machine-made chikan. Although so many places in the world are moving away from handmade and toward digitized everything including embroidery, computers have absolutely nothing on what humans can produce by hand. The inconsistencies and finesse of chikankari is its identity of being handmade

Working with craft, you need not only knowledge of the technique and tradition but sensitivity to the craftspeople themselves, as well as an understanding of their social and cultural roota. We are still mesmerized by the work of artisans and are interested in not only celebrating what handmade really means but also in collaborating with companies who are focused on the preservation of cultures, families and the crafts that have binded them together for centuries. hough dedicated to sustaining the craft and to giving it a future, the family are equally keen to maintain its history.
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New Collection of Nightwear

It's joyful and romantic, muted yet timeless. Nothing makes one feel as feminine and inspired than a whimsical dress. Our new collection of nightdresses wants you to feel vibrant as well as glamorous. The shapes are more considered and feminine, more theatrical yet still delicate. There's just something about the ease of slipping on a whimsical dress in a soft hue that we find to be an optimistic gesture, something that reminds us that even in the murkiest of times, a little romance-and a lot of flounce-can go a long more